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BACKGROUND Wireless capsule endoscopy (CE) is a relatively new method to evaluate the small intestine. AIM To evaluate the indications of CE in our center and assess whether specific indications are associated with best results during CE studies. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of 69 patients aged 9 to 85 years (36 males) subjected to a CE(More)
Foreign bodies embedded in the retina and choroid that cannot be extracted by a magnet and require vitreous surgery for their removal comprise a separate group. A retrospective review of 40 consecutive cases (between 1977-1990) showed that this type of trauma frequently accompanied extensive ocular damage, including corneal and or scleral perforation,(More)
It happens very often that researchers in Terminology need to know about the terms included in a given LSP corpus. One possibility is to run a term extractor but in this case such a tool provides just term candidates, but not valid terms. Therefore, it is mandatory a term validation process that is not always easy and affordable. A different option is to(More)
An expert panel analyzed the available evidence and reached a consensus to release 24 recommendations for primary and secondary prevention of gastric cancer (CG) in symptomatic patients, with indication for upper GI endoscopy. The main recommendations include (1) Search for and eradicate H. pylori infection in all cases. (2) Systematic gastric biopsies(More)
Medicine is arriving at a new millenium. One of its most urgent tasks is to reconcile social health demands with a renewed medical paradigm capable of including them. This challenge requires a reexamination of the definition of medicine. This work takes up the original greek definition of medicine (Tekhne Iatrike) and the Medical Act according to P. Lain(More)
The concept of brain death is still controversial. The Chilean case, as a result of a future transplantation law, seem to demonstrate this issue. The aim of this work is to contribute to the debate. A recent international polemic between metaphysic and pragmatic authors is approached, to establish bases to reject or accept the issue, after giving a brief(More)