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This paper argues that the distribution of the two Chinese aspectual auxiliaries -Ie and -zhe in the locative inversion construction is determined by the semantics of the event, in particular the interaction of lexical aspect (telicity and stativity) and agentivity. The -le/-zhe alternation shows a gradient effect similar to the selection of perfective(More)
Modern software development is increasingly collaborative. Open Source Software (OSS) are the bellwether; they support dynamic teams, with tools for code sharing, communication, and issue tracking. The success of an OSS project is reliant on team communication. E.g., in issue discussions, individuals rely on rhetoric to argue their position, but also(More)
In Spanish ditransitive clauses with Dative Clitic Doubling (DClD), the goal may be doubled by a dative clitic pronoun. Applying a chi-square decomposition analysis to examples with the prototypical ditransitive verb dar “give”, from a corpus of journalistic language characteristic of River Plate Spanish, I show that DClD is disfavoured when the theme is a(More)
s of LSA Plenary Addresses The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language David Crystal Romance Languages A Historical Introduction Ti Alkire Carol Rosen Middle Egyptian An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs James P. Allen The Cambridge History of the Romance Languages Volume 1: Structures Edited by Martin Maiden John Charles Smith Adam(More)
In this paper, I argue that the choice of a periphrastic over a synthetic verbal form in Shona is a strategy to avoid the realization of specific combinations of morphosyntactic properties by the same word form. I argue that periphrastic forms with -nga are formally equivalent to synthetic forms in the verbal paradigm of Shona, based on the assumption that(More)
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