Raúl A Vignale

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Antireticulin antibodies were studied in the sera of 32 patients affected by various clinical forms of psoriasis. The indirect immunofluorescence method was used on histological sections of human kidney and mouse liver and kidney. This method was also used with sera from children with coeliac disease and from healthy controls. In 10 these antibodies were(More)
BACKGROUND To date the direct fresh examination has not been considered, except by a few authors, as a valid laboratory procedure for the diagnosis of cutaneous sporotrichosis. METHODS Forty-two patients with cutaneous sporotrichosis (36 lymphangitic and six fixed) were studied. Pus was obtained through digital compression of opened lesions followed by(More)
A male patient of 52 years old is studied with an scabiei by Sarcoptes scabiei v. hominis. After a month the patient developed a clinic and histopathologic generalized granuloma annulare. With the specific local treatment of his scabiei, the disease was cured in 7 days. After this treatment, the generalized granuloma annulare disappeared within 2 months.(More)
The number of scratching episodes and average frequency with which they started during each sleep stage as well as the effects of nighttime pruritus on objective sleep parameters in nine children with atopic dermatitis were assessed in the sleep laboratory. Scratching episodes occurred during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep. The(More)
Few studies have been made about the influence of the autonomous nervous system on the proliferation of malignant cells. The aim of this work was to investigate if there is any relationship between the aggressiveness of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and the presence of nerve fibres. We studied 20 samples of BCC, classified in two groups: non aggressive and(More)
The concentration of total cholesterol and that of its sterified fraction is studied in skin biopsies and blood of psoriatic patients. The results show high cholesterol levels in skin of psoriatic plaques and of healthy areas. The sterified cholesterol proportion is significantly less in plaques than in skin without lesions of the same patients, and that of(More)