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Enzymatic digestion with pronase and DNAase was used to isolate Kupffer cells from mouse liver. The characteristics of these cells were found to be similar to those of peritoneal macrophages, except that in the initial suspension the percentage of Kupffer cells with Fc receptors was low, C receptors were absent and the ingestion of opsenized bacteria was(More)
Several methods for the preparation of cell suspensions from human gastrointestinal mucosa were investigated. Satisfactory suspensions were obtained by incubating tissue fragments in a solution of collagenase and hyaluronidase overnight at 4 degrees C followed by 30 minutes at 37 degrees C. The resulting suspension contained large numbers of intact lymphoid(More)
The turnover of a radiolabeled (65Zn) pool of endogenous zinc was monitored by using a whole-body counter in eight patients with celiac disease (CD) and analyzed by using a two-compartment model. The biological half-life of the first compartment (1-3 wk postadministration) was similar in healthy volunteers (122 +/- 34 d, means +/- SD) and untreated patients(More)
The effect of inorganic zinc on the absorption of inorganic iron (Fe+2) from a solution was assessed in two studies on healthy male volunteers. In the first study coadministration of 344 mumol of zinc had no effect (p less than 0.5) on the absorption of 842 mumol of radiolabeled Fe, assessed by the area under plasma Fe increment time curve during the 3(More)
The increments in plasma zinc concentrations after an oral dose of elemental zinc (50 mg) as the sulphate were used to assess the intestinal absorption of the metal in 11 patients with dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) before starting a gluten-free diet, 12 patients with newly diagnosed celiac disease (CD), 10 patients known to have CD, and 15 healthy(More)
Random serum transferrin saturation (TS) was measured in 1194 patients attending a diabetic clinic. Twenty-one patients had TS > 55% and in three of these patients repeat random TS was < 55%. Seventeen patients were recalled for fasting serum TS and ferritin measurement. Ten patients had fasting TS > 55%. The diagnosis of haemochromatosis was confirmed by(More)
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