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BACKGROUND The study describes the initial experience and learning curve of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) during thyroidectomy. We describe the prevalence and patterns of IONM technical problems. METHODS Prospective series of 152 consecutive thyroid operations (304 nerves at risk) were analyzed. Standard technique consists of monitoring vagal and(More)
The effects of surgical trauma resulting from laparoscopic cholecystectomy and open cholecystectomy, were compared by assessing the postoperative acute phase alterations of selected plasma proteins, hormones and lymphocyte subpopulations in fifty-seven patients prior to elective cholecystectomy. Patients were prospectively randomized to undergo either(More)
Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer-related death in the US. The prognosis of advanced colorectal cancer remains poor in spite of the advances obtained in recent years with new therapeutic agents, new approaches in surgical procedures and new diagnostic methods. Currently, colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Europe both(More)
Ischemia causes secondary brain damage after severe head injury (SHI). Cerebral perfusion is commonly estimated by monitoring CPP, but the adequacy of cerebral oxygenation requires further measurements, such as jugular oxygen saturation or, more recently, PtiO2 monitoring. In 7 patients with severe head injury, ICP, MAP, CPP, SjO2 and PtiO2 were monitored(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Enteric fistulas are defined by their sites of origin, communication and flow. We evaluate the treatment of complex patients with entero-cutaneous fistulae with large abdominal wall defects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective case note review of 19 patients (15 males, median age 46 years) treated at the Department of Surgical Sciences,(More)
Colonic stents potentially offer effective palliation for patients with bowel obstruction attributable to incurable malignancy, and a "bridge to surgery" for those in whom emergency surgery would necessitate a stoma. Literature search of the Medline, Scopus and Cochrane Library was performed to identify comparative studies reporting outcomes on colonic(More)
The number of outpatient surgical procedures performed in hospitals increases daily. In some countries, outpatient operations outnumber inpatient operations. The incidence of thyroid disorders and in particular, the cancer forms, has been increasing sharply for many years in several countries. Even if thyroid surgery is performed with low morbidity, no(More)
Patients with cancer of the upper digestive tract may present with malnutrition, which may cause immunodepression and an increased rate of postoperative complications. In this study we describe the rationale and the feasibility of immediate postoperative enteral nutrition (NEPI) and evaluate its effectiveness for the nutritional support of patients(More)
Sixty-two consecutive septic surgical patients receiving standard multimodal intensive care unit treatment who developed a sepsis score of 20 or greater (day 0) were randomized to receive 0.4 g/kg of either intravenous IgG (29 patients) or human albumin (controls; 33 patients), repeated on days +1 and +5, in a prospective, double-blind, multicenter study.(More)