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Whole-cell hydrolysates were prepared from 58 strains of nocardiae and streptomycetes. Strains morphologically intermediate between the two genera and morphological variants of the same strains were included. Paper chromatograms made from the whole-cell hydrolysates clearly demonstrated meso-diaminopimelic acid as a major constituent of cultures of Nocardia(More)
The Mississippi Delta Management Systems Evaluation Area (MD-MSEA) project was established in 1994 in three small watersheds (202 to 1,497 ha) that drain into oxbow lakes (Beasley, Deep Hollow, and Thighman). The primary research objective was to assess the implications of management practices on water quality. Monthly monitoring of herbicide concentrations(More)
Since 1951 when our taxonomic study of the genus Nocardia began, only eight strains of N. carnea (Rossi-Doria) Castellani & Chalmers, four strains of N. vaccinii Demaree & Smith, five of N. transvalensis Pijper & Pullinger, 21 or N. orientalis (Pittenger & Brigham) Pridham and 14 of N. aerocolonigenes (Shinobu & Kawato) Pridham have been found. These five(More)