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The reduction of nitrate in germ-free, gnotobiotic and conventional rats was investigated using blood methaemoglobin values as indicative of nitrite formation. Nitrate reduction was found to occur in the absence of a microbial flora, and throughout the experiment the blood content of methaemoglobin was higher in germ-free than in conventional rats. In vitro(More)
The short-term effects of oral administration of citral and linalool to rats have been compared. Male Wistar rats were given, by gastric intubation, 1.5 g citral or linalool/kg body weight/day for 5 days. Citral caused peroxisome proliferation as indicated by induction of cyanide-insensitive palmitoyl-CoA oxidation and bifunctional enzyme; levels of(More)
Groups of four germ-free (GF) and conventional (CV) rats were given purified diets containing either 50 or 200 g lactalbumin/kg for 2 wk and their urinary excretion of nitrate was measured. Urinary excretion of N-nitrosoproline was also measured in one of the three experiments. Both GF and CV rats given the high-protein diet excreted significantly more(More)