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OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency and significance of electrographic seizures and other EEG findings in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). METHODS We reviewed 102 consecutive patients with ICH who underwent continuous electroencephalographic monitoring (cEEG). Demographic, clinical, radiographic, and cEEG findings were recorded. Using(More)
A man with a subclinical cobalamin deficiency developed syncope, vertigo, paresthesias, and ataxia after two exposures to nitrous oxide anesthesia. Patients with unrecognized cobalamin deficiency may be particularly susceptible to brief exposures to nitrous oxide, which inactivates the cobalamin-dependent enzyme methionine synthase and may cause a(More)
It has been proposed that the biochemical lesion in subacute combined degeneration of the cord due to vitamin B12 deficiency, is impaired methylation of residue 107 (arginine) in myelin basic protein. We have examined myelin basic protein in brains of rats in which vitamin B12 was inactivated by exposure to nitrous oxide for up to 7 days. In addition brains(More)