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A fatal human infection with mesocercafiae of Alaria americana is described. Several thousand mesocercariae were estimated to be present in the peritoneal cavity, bronchial aspirate, brain, heart, kidney, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, pancreas, retroperitoneal adipose tissue, spinal cord, spleen, and stomach. Nine days from the onset of symptoms death resulted(More)
Quebec Urban Community (QUC) has selected Global Predictive Real-Time Control (GP-RTC) as the most efficient approach to achieve environmental objectives defined by the Ministry of Environment. QUC wants to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) frequency to the St Lawrence river to two events per summer period in order to reclaim the use of Jacques-Cartier(More)
Corporations have reduced their mental health care benefits by limits on coverage for such services. We report on a comprehensive mental health care program, including prevention and early intervention, hospital utilization review, and consulting psychiatrist, which has improved the quality and has significantly reduced inpatient insurance psychiatric(More)
Pain Res Manag Vol 20 No 3 May/June 2015 e29 visits or busy hospital admissions. However, due to important advancements in therapeutic regimes and changes to healthcare systems, these youth now spend less time hospitalized and more time at home. This means youth with cancer and their families are increasingly responsible for managing cancer-associated pain(More)
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