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A computational model of myelin basic protein (MBP) has been constructed based on the premise of a phylogenetically conserved beta-sheet backbone and on electron microscopical three-dimensional reconstructions. Many residues subject to post-translational modification (phosphorylation, methylation, or conversion of arginines to citrullines) were located in(More)
We have studied the structure of recombinant rat UBF (rrUBF), an RNA polymerase I transcription factor, by electron microscopy and image analysis of single particles contrasted with methylamine tungstate. Recombinant rat UBF appeared to be a flat, U-shaped protein with a central region of low density. In the dominant projections, 2-fold mirror symmetry was(More)
Filaments of surfactant protein A specifically interact with corrugated surfaces of phos-pholipid membranes. Am.—Pulmonary surfactant, a mixture of lipids and surfactant proteins (SPs), plays an important role in respiration and gas exchange. SPA , the major SP, exists as an octadecamer that can self-associate to form elongated protein filaments in vitro.(More)
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