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Since 1922 when Wu proposed the use of the Folin phenol reagent for the measurement of proteins (l), a number of modified analytical procedures ut.ilizing this reagent have been reported for the determination of proteins in serum (2-G), in antigen-antibody precipitates (7-9), and in insulin (10). Although the reagent would seem to be recommended by its(More)
The feasibility of instituting an adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring program was examined. Nurses and pharmacists were requested to fill out an ADR report form whenever a change in a patient's condition or a medication order raised suspicion of a possible ADR. The reports were investigated by the clinical pharmacy resident and evaluated for probable(More)
The purpose of this study was to increase the documentation of allergy and body weight information on pharmacy medication profile cards for pediatric patients. The intent was to facilitate pharmacist evaluation of medication dosages ordered for these patients. A plastic allergy/weight imprinting card was supplied to each nursing unit and was used to imprint(More)
  • R J Randall
  • 2001
Infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) represents a major public health concern today because of its prevalence in the United States. Acute HCV is commonly asymptomatic and often results in chronic disease. However, symptoms related to chronic disease may not appear for decades. Patients with HCV have a broad spectrum of symptoms, which vary from elevated(More)
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