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Chronic drooling can be both psychologically and physically damaging. The technique of sialodochoplasty with sublingual gland resection is a viable treatment modality for this problem. The results of a series of eight patients who underwent the procedure are reported. A short-term success rate of 75% was achieved without morbidity.
Past studies dealing with the vascular supply to surgically mobilized dentoalveolar segments have mentioned occasional encounters with vital root transection and have noted varying degrees of pulpal response to this insult. The purpose of this investigation was to observe the pulpal and periapical responses of monkey dental tissues to intentional vital root(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are at high risk of further cardiac events and benefit from early intervention, as reflected by international guidelines recommending early transfer to interventional centres. The current average waiting time of up to 21 days contravenes evidence based early intervention, creates geographical inequity(More)
Several studies have reported devitalization of teeth following surgical procedures in the area of the root apices. The purpose of this investigation was to observe the 1-4-week wound healing pattern in monkey dental tissues following intentional vital apicoectomy (IVA). Two adult Macaca mulatta were used in this study. All of the teeth were surgically(More)
A. Bannari, K. Staenz, S. Brunet, A. Saquaque, A. Zegan, A. Radnaoui, and R. Hitchcock 1 Remote Sensing and Geomatics of Environment Laboratory, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa, Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5, Canada; Phone (613) 562-5800 (Ext. 1042), Fax (613) 562-5145; 2 Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre, 8174ht Avenue South, Lethbridge (Alberta)(More)
RECENT statistical studies suggest a relationship between the increasing incidence of lung cancer and smoking. This implies carcinogenic activity by the smoke (Doll and Hill, 1950; Hammond and Horn, 1954; Wynder and Graham, 1950). Accordingly, for several years this laboratory has been investigating the nonvolatile fractions of the smokes of cigarettes,(More)
Japanese lacquer is the product of a tree, the Rhus vernicifera D. C. which grows throughout the inaiu island of Japan. It attains a large size, tbe trunks sometimes measuring a meter in diameter. It is said the tree will live for forty years, but only comparatively young trees are valued for the production of lacquer. Having yielded for several years they(More)
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