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Three data sets are analyzed that permit double cross-validation of a test battery against criterion variables in a number of educational programs or jobs. The validity of the first general factor score is compared with that obtained from the set of cross-validated regression weights, and is found to account, respectively, for approximately 85, 90 and 120(More)
The personnel classification problem arises in its pure form when all job applicants must be used, being divided among a number of job categories. The use of tests for classification involves problems of two types: (1) problems concerning the design, choice, and weighting of tests into a battery, and (2) problems of establishing the optimum administrative(More)
It is the purpose of this article to review recent experimental •evidence on the stability of intelligence test performance by the same individual over a lapse of time. The content of the review will : be limited in two ways: (1) It is proposed to consider chiefly those reports which have appeared since 1930 or 1931. The literature previous to that time has(More)