RNC Wendy L. Biddle PhD

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Terminal ileal biopsies were prospectively obtained and stained specifically for mast cells in 20 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and 15 controls. The number of terminal ileal mast cells per high powered field (MC/HPF) (mean ±SEM) was 23.3±3.1 for, IBS and 6.8±1.1 for controls (P=0.0001). The diarrhea IBS subgroup had the greatest number of(More)
Diarrhea, urgency, and fecal incontinence are common complaints in systemic mastocytosis and in patients with increased gastrointestinal mucosal mast cells. We performed anorectal manometry on six patients with clinical symptoms of mastocytosis and histologic evidence of increased mast cells and compared the results to anorectal manometry of six age-and(More)
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