RM Smith

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Comparison was made of the distribution of the insulin receptor sites on adipocyte and liver plasma membranes by using ferritin-insulin. Two-thirds of the occupied insulin receptors on adipocytes occurred in groups of two or more whereas up to two-thirds of the receptors on liver occurred as single receptors. Ferritin-insulin did not cause aggregation of(More)
This review has presented some of the data which indicate that there are substantial differences in the mechanisms of receptor-mediated uptake and intracellular processing of ligands. Data from various laboratories indicate that receptor-mediated endocytosis is not necessarily synonymous with the concentrative, coated-pit-mediated internalization of(More)
A qualitative and quantitative electron microscopic study was performed on rat adipocytes during stimulation of lipolysis by various agents. Scanning electron microscopy of control cells revealed a spherical cell with a textured glycocalyx surface exhibiting small irregular projections. Globular surface evaginations or protrusions measuring 8-18 p,m in(More)
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