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A 7 1/2-year consecutive series is presented from a district hospital with a policy of referring all rectal carcinomas to one surgical firm. The performance of lower anterior resections has limited the rate of abdominoperineal excision with permanent colostomy to 11%. Of 115 patients in whom curative resection was attempted, 69 had anastomoses below 5 cm(More)
BACKGROUND The Stockholm I and II randomised trials demonstrated the value of preoperative radiotherapy in preventing local recurrence in rectal cancer. This, study investigated the potential for further improvement by introduction of the concept of total mesorectal excision (TME) to surgeons in Stockholm, Sweden. METHODS Workshops started in 1994 and(More)
For patients, the principal drawback of a colostomy is the loss of faecal continence. To achieve a continent colostomy has long been the goal of surgeons. A magnetic stoma seal became feasible when a strong, light, durable magnet made of samarium-cobalt became commercially available in 1972. This metal compound has the highest magnetic energy per unit(More)
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