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The effectiveness in the year of application of three phosphorus fertilizers, superphosphate, Christmas Island C-grade ore, and 500°C calcined Christmas Island C-grade ore (Calciphos), was measured for 5 consecutive years in a field experiment on a lateritic soil. The residual value of the phosphorus fertilizers was also measured for 6 years. Dry matter(More)
The effect of the particle size of North Carolina phosphate rock on its dissolution in soil was investigated in the laboratory using four size fractions (150–250, 106–125, 45–53 and < 38µm) and two levels of application. Dissolution as measured by soil-exchangeable Ca increased to a minor extent with both decreasing particle size and incubation period. For(More)
A glasshouse trial with wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Gamenya) in which harvests were taken at intervals up to 24 days has shown that the effectivness of calcined Christmas Island C-grade aluminium-iron phosphate rock (C500) relative to superphosphate remained low. Relative growth rates did not change despite a decrease in the concentration of bicarbonate(More)
A glasshouse trial with wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) has shown that the effectiveness relative to superphosphate of calcined Christmas Island C-grade rock phosphate applied singly and in mixtures with superphosphate was not dependent on rate of application. There was no evidence of any interaction between the two P fertilizers when they were applied(More)
A. COMPUTER SYNTHESIZED TWO EXPERIMENTS HOLOGRAMS-In a previous report, we derived a new method for recording a complex function in the form of a real non-negative function. The new method has advantages over the conventional holographic method because it does not require a reference signal or a biasing constant in recording the complex wave front of an(More)