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The concentrations of total and respirable airborne endotoxin in the breathing zone of a pony in 3 different management systems, on 8 occasions, are reported. Airborne endotoxin concentrations in all 3 systems were lower than those reported for many other agricultural environments. However, total airborne endotoxin concentrations in many of the conventional(More)
We have investigated the use of the new cephalosporin ceftazidime for the treatment of pseudomonas infection in cystic fibrosis, using 100 to 240 mg/kg intravenously daily. The clinical and microbiological results of 18 courses of therapy, lasting from 1 to 4 weeks have been satisfactory, particularly since the patients had previously proved refractory to(More)
The study objectives were to assess the ability of intratracheal injection methods to discriminate between nine ®bre types in respect of pulmonary biopersistence, and to provide approximate estimates of relative biopersistence and durability for a study of general relationships with biological and toxicological responses. The test ®bres included six samples(More)
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