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Pulp and paper mill effluents may cause harmful effects to the aquatic environment due to the combined influence of physical factors, toxic compounds, and nutrient enrichment. In the present study, the effectiveness of secondary treatment in reducing the toxicity of an elemental chlorine-free bleached-kraft pulp mill effluent was evaluated. To characterize(More)
Studies on avoidance of contaminants by aquatic organisms verified that such behavior may have crucial ecological implications. Yet, avoidance tests have not been considered in ecological risk assessments. This study aimed at developing a short-term test with Daphnia magna Straus based on avoidance of pulp mill effluents and at comparing its sensitivity to(More)
PURPOSE Early discharge from the intensive care unit (ICU) may constitute a strategy of resource consumption optimization; however, unplanned readmission of hospitalized patients to an ICU is associated with a worse outcome. We aimed to compare the effectiveness of the Stability and Workload Index for Transfer score (SWIFT), Sequential Organ Failure(More)
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