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Direct monitoring of temperature, chemistry and microstructure is required to understand microwave heating in more detail, in order to fully exploit the unique features this non-equilibrium processing method can offer. In this paper, we show first that microwave radiometry can be used to follow volumetrically the thermal trajectory of microwave-heated(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Perimenopause is marked by clinical manifestations which disturb everyday life and which may also hide a pathomorphological, more precisely endometrial, substrate. An accurate early diagnosis established by accessible, non-invasive methods is very important for the therapeutic management. METHOD The study included 103 patients aged(More)
Perimenopause has a variable length and time of onset and is characterized by its variability in hormonal levels. The histological changes in the perimenopausal endometrium may be represented by nonproliferative or proliferative benign or malignant lesions. A commonly encountered manifestation of endometrium lesions during menopausal transition is the(More)
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