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A sample of 120 children (69 boys and 51 girls), ranging in age from 9 to 14 yr., was administered the Harter Self-perception Profile for Children before and after a 5-wk. program of swimming instruction. It is predicted that children who improve most in swimming will also have the largest gains in athletic self-concept. The data supported the prediction(More)
Adjectives or phrases used by women in their description of childbirth were identified by interviewing two groups of 10 women, one drawn from an antenatal clinic, the other following delivery of a healthy child. The terms obtained were formed into a questionnaire on which 106 antenatal women described their expectations of childbirth and 82 postnatal women(More)
The Instrumental Enrichment program, designed to modify the cognitive structures of retarded, disadvantaged adolescents, was contrasted with a General Enrichment program both in a residential setting and a day center. This study is based on 57 matched pairs drawn from the total research sample of 218 adolescents. One group in a residential center (n = 24)(More)
Learning to be successful in social interactions is one of the hallmarks of late childhood and early adolescence. Children who lack social initiative may be hesitant to engage in the social practice necessary to become socially skilled and successfully integrated into social networks. Lack of social integration may be manifested as poor social acceptance(More)
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