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Palliative surgical interventions for the management of colonic obstruction in cases of metastasized or locally irresectable colorectal carcinoma show remarkable morbidity and mortality rates for mostly older and multimorbid patients. For manifest obstruction, placement of a self-expanding metal stent (SEMS) is considered to be a suitable minimally invasive(More)
Introduction. The main objective of surgery of rectal carcinomas is to avoid a permanent colostomy by sphincter-sparing surgical procedures. A variety of different abdominoperineal resection rates is described in the literature. Material/method. The study was performed in 2000 within the framework of a multicentric study including 282 hospitals.The purpose(More)
Wound infections have a significant impact on the postoperative morbidity after abdomino-perineal rectum resection (APR). However, the technique of perineal wound closure after APR has not been standardised yet. The prospective German multicentre trial “Colorectal Carcinoma (primary tumor)” (study I) enrolled 10 335 patients with rectal cancer over a time(More)
Iridotomies were performed on pigmented rabbits with a Q-switched ophthalmic neodymium-YAG (Nd-YAG) laser and an argon laser. Because short-pulsed Nd-YAG lasers are effective in performing capsulotomies of the crystalline lens, injury to the underlying lens was evaluated by slit-lamp biomicroscopy at various intervals following the iridotomy, and then(More)
Die laparoskopische Rektumkarzinomresektionen hat eine den offenen Verfahren vergleichbare Morbidität und onkologische Sicherheit bei jedoch deutlich höherer Morbidität nach Konversion. Zu den onkologischen Langzeitergebnisse nach Konversion liegen keine Daten vor. Vom 01.01.2000–31.12.2002 in einer Beobachtungsstudie erfasste Patienten mit kurativ(More)
Forty patients with daily wear, cosmetic contact lenses (CL) presented with symptoms of ocular irritation and a keratoconjunctivitis clinically resembling superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis (SLK). Typically the patients were either successful hard CL wearers who changed to soft lenses and used a chemical aseptisizing solution or preserved saline solution,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical acceptability of the Unfolder for implantation of AMO PhacoFlex II (model SI-30NB or SI-40NB) intraocular lenses (IOLs). SETTING Six investigational sites in five states in the United States: Utah, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. METHODS One hundred one patients from six investigational sites had(More)
Es liegen die Daten aus zwei multizentrischen Beobachtungsstudien, der ostdeutschen Magenkarzinomstudie EGGCS’02 (alleinige Chirurgie) und der Deutschen Magenkarzinomstudie II QCGC 2007–2009 (nach Etablierung der multimodalen Konzepte) hinsichtlich der palliativen Behandlung fortgeschrittener Magenkarzinome vor. Im Untersuchungszeitraum 2002 (EGGCS’02)(More)