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Two hundred and fifty subjects were recruited. Age, sex, hand preference and anthropometric measurements were recorded for each subject. Grip strength was measured using a Jamar hydraulic dynamometer. Multiple regression analyses were performed. One hundred and seventy two subjects were men and 78 were women. Twenty-six subjects were left hand dominant.(More)
BACKGROUND Distal radius fractures are common. The increasing prevalence of osteoporosis contributes to frequently complex articular injuries sustained even after low energy falls. The best method of treating complex type C distal radius fractures is debated. Locked volar plating and external fixation are both widely used with good reported results.(More)
The management of head injured patients has recently been reviewed with the development of civilian guidelines for best practice. These are common injuries which often have significant sequelae for patients and costs for health care providers. Evolving civilian standards of care have implications for military medicine which is often practised in challenging(More)
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