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The epothilone biosynthetic gene cluster was isolated from Sorangium cellulosum strain SMP44. The gene cluster contains seven genes and spans approx. 56kb. The genes encoding the PKS, epoA, epoC, epoD, epoE, and epoF, are divided into nine modules. The EpoB protein is a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase (NRPS) that catalyzes formation of the thiazole found(More)
The ob gene product, leptin, has been shown in several studies to be involved in weight control and recombinant leptin recently has entered clinical trials to treat obesity. The leptin receptor (OB-R/B219) is expressed in a variety of protein isoforms not only in the central nervous system, but also in reproductive, and hematopoietic tissues. We reported(More)
The three-dimensional structure of a secreted aspartic protease from Candida albicans complexed with a potent inhibitor reveals variations on the classical aspartic protease theme that dramatically alter the specificity of this class of enzymes. The structure presents: (1) an 8-residue insertion near the first disulfide (Cys 45-Cys 50, pepsin numbering)(More)
Data are summarized suggesting an inherent heterogeneity of bone marrow macrophage precursor cells. The possible relationship of this heterogeneity with the functional heterogeneity of blood monocytes and tissue macrophages under normal conditions and at an inflammatory site is discussed. A hypothesis suggesting that the bone marrow compartment is involved(More)