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Cultured T cells and freshly isolated mononuclear leukocytes are able to bind collagen specifically. These leukocytes express equivalent levels of the integrins VLA-1, VLA-2 and VLA-3 which are collagen-binding receptors on other cells. However, only solubilized VLA-2 is able to bind collagen and only monoclonal antibodies specific for alpha 2 or beta 1(More)
Microfilaments were isolated from cultured mammalian cells, utilizing procedures similar to those for isolation of "native" thin filaments from muscle. Isolated microfilaments from rat embryo, baby hamster kidney (BHK- 21), and Swiss mouse 3T3 cells appeared structurally similar to muscle thin filaments, exhibiting long, 6 nm Diam profiles with a beaded,(More)
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