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A transthoracic approach with resection of a vertebral body was used to obtain access to an intramedullary vascular malformation of the thoracic spinal cord. The malformation consisted of three discrete intramedullary tufts of vessels fed by an abnormal branch of the anterior spinal artery arising from the T-9 intercostal artery. Although the abnormal(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM The international governing body for competitive rowing recently mandated the inclusion of 12-lead ECG during preparticipation screening. We therefore sought to describe normative ECG characteristics and to examine the prevalence of abnormal ECG findings as defined by contemporary athlete ECG interpretation criteria among competitive rowers.(More)
  • R Weiner
  • 1986
With advancing age functional and morphological changes take place within the intestinal tract. The absorption rate (constant k12), the time of appearance of the relative maximum of the D-xylose concentrations in the blood serum after oral administration (time tm), and especially the extent of the relative absorption in the small intestine until the time tm(More)
After a short survey of the historical development of urology in general and especially in the county hospital St. Georg, Leipzig, urological operation teams were represented since the existence of the hospital. Their differentiation and changing are discussed in comparison to the international trend.
In geriatric urology main task rents on the treatment of patients suffering from a prostatic disease. Caused by the aging of the population increased the number of patients with an adenoma of the prostata. An analysis of age in prostatectomy in the last 65 years of a clinic can be demonstrated, that the age by surgical treatment of prostata adenoma is lower(More)
For the recommencement of the physiological nutrition after surgical and urological interventions the normalisation of the postoperatively temporarily disturbed gastrointestinal functions is a decisive prerequisite. With the help of the modified D-xylose-test the postoperative resorption of the small intestine was objectified after retropubic extravesical(More)
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