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Four experiments, each with 6 human subjects, varied the distribution of reinforcers for correct responses and the probability of sample-stimulus presentation in symbolic matching-to-sample procedures. Experiment 1 held the sample-stimulus probability constant and varied the ratio of reinforcers obtained for correct responses on the two alternatives across(More)
Adriamycin (10 mg/kg) administered s.c. to male ACI rats bearing Hepatoma H-4-II-E caused a 9-day delay in tumour growth but no changes in the clonogenic fraction of the tumour were detectable by in vitro assay at any time after treatment. There is no significant decrease in the yield of cells on enzymatic dissociation of the tumour nor a reduction in mg(More)
Four pigeons were trained to discriminate between two line orientations in a two-alternative forced-choice procedure. The distribution of reinforcers for the two types of correct response was varied across conditions. Performance on each trial was recorded separately, including the time taken to make a choice response. Discriminability and response-bias(More)
The effects of local tumour radiation over the dose range 7.5-30 Gy on the growth and cell kinetics of rat hepatoma H-4-II-E have been investigated. A plot of growth delays against log surviving fraction was linear below a fraction of 0.03, but failed to extrapolate to the origin. Following a single dose of 15 Gy to the tumour, DNA-precursor incorporation,(More)
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