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  • R.V. White
  • Eighteenth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics…
  • 2003
In recent years, the feature size of silicon devices has decreased at a steady rate. Each step in feature size has required a reduction in operating voltage. As today's system designers seek to(More)
  • R.V. White
  • INTELEC 2004. 26th Annual International…
  • 2004
In recent years the number of voltages used on a circuit pack has been increasing, the voltages are becoming lower and the currents higher. In response, the intermediate bus architecture has become(More)
  • R.V. White
  • Twentieth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics…
  • 2005
the past, power system management was limited to telephone central office battery plants or very large server systems. With the wide adoption of the intermediate bus power system architecture (IBA),(More)
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