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Multilepton SUSY signals from R-parity violation at the Tevatron
The expected trilepton signals from $p \bar p \to \chi^\pm_1\chi^0_2 \to (\chi^0_1\ell^\pm\nu) (\chi^0_1\ell'^+\ell'^-) $ will be converted into hadronically quiet multilepton signals, if the two
Event shape criteria for single-lepton top signals
Single-lepton plus jets signals from $t\bar t$ production at hadron colliders generally give more spherically symmetrical events than the principal backgrounds from $W$ production. We show that
Collider Physics 1993
These lectures survey the present situation and future prospects in selected areas of particle physics phenomenology: (1) the top quark, (2) the Higgs boson in the Standard Model, (3) strong $WW$