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Path Loss Measurements With Low Antennas For Segmented Wideband Communications at VHF
This paper reports path loss modelling results based on quasi-simultaneous wideband channel measurements at the VHF frequencies 37.8, 57.0, and 77.5 MHz. Expand
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A study of coherence bandwidth measurements for frequency selective radio channels
  • R.J.C. Bultitude
  • Computer Science
  • 33rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
  • 25 May 1983
This paper presents early results of a measurement program that was conducted in urban Ottawa to obtain good approximations to the time varying impulse response of a 910 MHz mobile radio channel, and the applicability of the widely used point scattering model to coherence bandwidth calculations. Expand
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High-resolution spectral analysis techniques for estimating the impulse response of indoor radio channels
The authors present a new approach for estimating the impulse response of indoor radio channels based on the use of the information theoretical criteria, a high-resolution spectral analysis technique, and a principal component analysis technique. Expand
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Measurement-based probability of error predictions for digital land mobile radio channels
This paper reports a method by which raw data from small-scale multipath propagation measurements on land mobile radio channels can be used to predict digital bit-error performance on the measured channels. Expand
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A comparison of indoor radio propagation characteristics at 910 MHz and 1.75 GHz
The results of temporally and spatially distributed wideband (impulse response) propagation measurements made on fixed indoor radio channels at center frequencies of 910 MHz and 1.7 GHz areExpand
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A propagation measurement-based analysis of frequency hopping systems on VHF mobile fading channels
This paper is concerned with the analysis of slow frequency hopping (FH) communication systems operating on mobile fading channels in the VHF band, with emphasis on the impact of propagation characteristics. Expand
Propagation characteristics on microcellular urban mobile radio channels at 910 MHz
To mitigate fading and reduce time dispersion on urban mobile radio channels, it has been proposed that future systems be configured with many small cells having low-powered base stations withExpand
Probability of error on radio links with fixed terminals in mu cellular land mobile and indoor environments
This paper reports work in which a method for error performance predictions on flat fading, statistically non-stationary radio channels is proposed and evaluated. Expand