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Host resistance to rat cytomegalovirus (RCMV) and immune function in adult PVG rats fed herring from the contaminated Baltic Sea
Abstract The immunotoxic potential of many classes of environmental contaminants has been well established in laboratory studies, with much attention being focussed on aryl hydrocarbon (Ah)-receptorExpand
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Measles outbreak in a community with very low vaccine coverage, the Netherlands.
A 1999-2000 measles epidemic in the Netherlands started with an outbreak in an orthodox reformed elementary school with 7% vaccine coverage. The overall attack rate was 37%: 213 clinical cases amongExpand
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Identical Genotype B3 Sequences from Measles Patients in 4 Countries, 2005
Surveillance of measles virus detected an epidemiologic link between a refugee from Kenya and a Dutch tourist in New Jersey, USA. Identical genotype B3 sequences from patients with contemporaneousExpand
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[Measles epidemic in the Netherlands, 1999-2000].
OBJECTIVE Description of measles epidemic in the Netherlands, 1999-2000. DESIGN Observational descriptive study. METHODS Intensified surveillance of measles cases by means of a case registerExpand
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Mumps virus F gene and HN gene sequencing as a molecular tool to study mumps virus transmission.
Various mumps outbreaks have occurred in the Netherlands since 2004, particularly among persons who had received 2 doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination. Genomic typing of pathogensExpand
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High Genetic Diversity of Measles Virus, World Health Organization European Region, 2005–2006
Importation of viruses from other continents caused prolonged circulation and large outbreaks in the WHO European Region.
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High risk of a large measles outbreak despite 30 years of measles vaccination in The Netherlands.
Our aim was to assess progress towards measles elimination from The Netherlands by studying humoral measles immunity in the Dutch population. A population-based seroepidemiological study wasExpand
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Mumps-specific cross-neutralization by MMR vaccine-induced antibodies predicts protection against mumps virus infection.
BACKGROUND Similar to other recent mumps genotype G outbreaks worldwide, most mumps patients during the recent mumps genotype G outbreaks in the Netherlands had received 2 doses of measles, mumps andExpand
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Severity of mumps disease is related to MMR vaccination status and viral shedding.
BACKGROUND During recent years, various mumps outbreaks have occurred among measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccinated persons in various countries worldwide, including the Netherlands. We studiedExpand
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Immunogenicity, effectiveness, and safety of measles vaccination in infants younger than 9 months: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Summary Background Measles is an important cause of death in children, despite the availability of safe and cost-saving measles-containing vaccines (MCVs). The first MCV dose (MCV1) is recommended atExpand
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