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Organization and Nucleotide Sequence of the Cluster of Five Histone Genes in the Polichaete Worm Chaetopterus variopedatus: First Record of a H1 Histone Gene in the Phylum Annelida
Abstract. Histone genes were identified and their nucleotide sequences were determined in the polychaete marine worm Chaetopterus variopedatus. The genes are organized in about 390 clusters of 7.3Expand
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Differential expression of duplicated genes for prothymosin alpha during zebrafish development
We show that ptma, a single copy gene found in all organisms investigated so far, is duplicated in zebrafish. The two genes, ptmaa and ptmab, are individually controlled as indicated by theirExpand
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A network system for vitellogenin synthesis in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (L.)
The aim of this study is to assess, by RT‐PCR, in situ hybridization, electron microscopy, and immunohistochemistry, the site/s of vitellogenin (VTG) synthesis in the mussel MytilusExpand
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Genome methylation of the marine annelid worm Chaetopterus variopedatus: methylation of a CpG in an expressed H1 histone gene
Hydrolysis by methylation‐dependent restriction enzymes shows that the genomic DNA of the polychaete annelid worm Chaetopterus variopedatus is methylated. Electrophoretic analyses of the digestionExpand
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Cloning and Molecular Characterization of the First Innexin of the Phylum Annelida—Expression of the Gene During Development
A novel member of the innexin family (cv-inx) has been isolated from the annelid polychaete worm Chaetopterus variopedatus using a PCR approach on genomic DNA and sequence analysis on genomic DNAExpand
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Design and production of a chimeric resilin-, elastin-, and collagen-like engineered polypeptide.
Protein-inspired biomaterials have gained great interest as an alternative to synthetic polymers, in particular, for their potential use as biomedical devices. The potential inspiring models areExpand
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Cooperative mechanism in the homodimeric myoglobin from Nassa mutabilis.
Oxygen binding and spectroscopic properties of the homodimeric myoglobin (Mb) from the prosobranchia sea snail Nassa mutabilis have been investigated. Oxygen equilibrium curves are pH-independent andExpand
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Characterization and developmental expression pattern of the relaxin receptor rxfp1 gene in zebrafish
We report the gene characterization, the cDNA cloning and the temporal and spatial expression pattern of the relaxin receptor rxfp1 gene in the zebrafish Danio rerio. The zebrafish rxfp1 gene has theExpand
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Developmental expression pattern of two zebrafish rxfp3 paralogue genes
In mammals, the RXFP3 is the cognate receptor of the relaxin‐3 peptide (RLN3). In teleosts, many different orthologue genes for RXFP3 are present. In particular, two paralogue genes, rxfp3‐2a andExpand
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Characterization, cDNA cloning and expression pattern of relaxin gene during embryogenesis of Danio rerio
We report the identification, the cDNA cloning, the temporal and spatial expression pattern analysis of the rln gene in the zebrafish Danio rerio. The deduced Rln B and A domains show differentExpand
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