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Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
1. Brownian Motion and Langevin equations 2. Fokker-Planck equations 3. Master equations 4. Reaction rates 5. Kinetic models 6. Quantum dynamics 7. Linear response theory 8. Projection operators 9.Expand
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Nonlinear generalized Langevin equations
Exact generalized Langevin equations are derived for arbitrarily nonlinear systems interacting with specially chosen heat baths. An example is displayed in which the Langevin equation is nonlinearExpand
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High‐Temperature Equation of State by a Perturbation Method. I. Nonpolar Gases
The perturbation theory described in a previous article is applied to the calculation of the equation of state at high temperature of a polar gas. The electrostatic dipolar potential is considered toExpand
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Ensemble Method in the Theory of Irreversibility
We describe a new formulation of methods introduced in the theory of irreversibility by Van Hove and Prigogine, with the purpose of making their ideas easier to understand and to apply. The main toolExpand
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Memory Effects in Irreversible Thermodynamics
A new generalization of Onsager's theory of irreversible processes is presented. The main purpose is to allow for memory effects or causal time behavior, so that the response to a thermodynamic forceExpand
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Diffusion past an entropy barrier
Diffusion in a tube or channel of varying cross section has been treated, by Fick and Jacobs, as one-dimensional diffusion past an entropy barrier determined by the tube cross-sectional area orExpand
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Fundamental Problems in Statistical Mechanics.
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Hydrodynamic Theory of the Velocity Correlation Function
The velocity correlation function of an atom in a simple liquid is calculated using a frequency-dependent version of the Stokes-Einstein formula. Stokes's law for the frictional force on a movingExpand
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High‐Frequency Elastic Moduli of Simple Fluids
This article presents a calculation of the infinite‐frequency elastic moduli of monatomic fluids. When the intermolecular potential has the standard Lennard‐Jones form, the elastic moduli are shownExpand
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