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Purification and characterization of vanillyl-alcohol oxidase from Penicillium simplicissimum. A novel aromatic alcohol oxidase containing covalently bound FAD.
Vanillyl-alcohol oxidase was purified 32-fold from Penicillium simplicissimum, grown on veratryl alcohol as its sole source of carbon and energy. SDS/PAGE of the purified enzyme reveals a singleExpand
Auditory motion affects visual biological motion processing
This work investigates behavioural correlates of multisensory, in particular audiovisual, integration in the processing of biological motion cues using a new psychophysical paradigm and reports the existence of direction-selective effects, which suggest motion-sensitive, direction-tuned integration mechanisms that are, if not unique to biological visual motion, at least not common to all types of visual motion. Expand
Correlated changes in perceptions of the gender and orientation of ambiguous biological motion figures
Using frontal-view point-light displays of human walkers, observers were asked to judge whether they seemed to be walking towards or away from the viewing position, and found that stimulus manipulations that made such walker appear more female also had the effect of making the walkers appear more often as if they were walking away from rather than towards observers. Expand
Figure‐Ground Segregation at Contours: a Neural Mechanism in the Visual Cortex of the Alert Monkey
Occlusion cues are used at an early level of processing to segregate figure and ground at contours in situations of spatial occlusion, and this process is analysed in the visual cortex of the alert monkey. Expand
Degradation of veratryl alcohol by Penicillium simplicissimum
SummarySeveral bacteria, yeast and fungi selectively isolated from paper-mill waste-water grew on veratryl alcohol, a key intermediate of lignin metabolism. Penicillium simplicissimum oxidizedExpand
Isolation and screening of basidiomycetes with high peroxidative activity
A highly significant correlation was found between two ligninolytic indicators: ethene formation from α-keto-γ-methylthiolbutyric acid and the decolorization of a polymeric dye, Poly R. Expand
The facing bias in biological motion perception: Effects of stimulus gender and observer sex
The goal of the present study was to examine the robustness of the effect of figure gender by testing a much larger subject sample and, second, to investigate whether the effect depends on observer sex. Expand
Evidence that both area V1 and extrastriate visual cortex contribute to symmetry perception
Information about the orientation of axes-of-symmetry may be available as early as area V1, but that processing continues in extrastriate cortex, which is consistent with their having a monocular component. Expand
Mechanisms of purely subjective contour tilt aftereffects
The data suggest that processing of orientation information beyond the striate cortex is similar to that which occurs in area V1 and the data are consistent with models of contour processing which assume that all perceived contours, both real and subjective, arise from a common mechanism. Expand
Gender bending: auditory cues affect visual judgements of gender in biological motion displays
The pairing of gender-neutral visual stimuli with unambiguous female auditory cues during adaptation elicited male after-effects, suggesting that biological motion processing mechanisms can integrate auditory and visual cues to facilitate the extraction of higher-order features like gender. Expand