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Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance
The United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in June is an important opportunity to improve the institutional framework for sustainable development. Science assessments indicate that humanExpand
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Earth system governance: a research framework
The Earth System Science Partnership, which unites all major global change research programmes, declared in 2001 an urgent need to develop “strategies for Earth System management”. Yet what suchExpand
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Collaboration between the natural, social and human sciences in Global Change Research
In nearly all domains of Global Change Research (GCR), the role of humans is a key factor as a driving force, a subject of impacts, or an agent in mitigating impacts and adapting to change. WhileExpand
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Transforming governance and institutions for global sustainability: key insights from the Earth System Governance Project
The current institutional framework for sustainable development is by far not strong enough to bring about the swift transformative progress that is needed. This article contends thatExpand
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‘Glocal’ water governance: a multi-level challenge in the anthropocene
The water crisis is a crisis of governance. A literature review reveals that this crisis concerns definitional issues, issues of ownership and access, boundary issues, the multiple uses of water, andExpand
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Navigating the anthropocene: The Earth System Governance Project strategy paper
In 2001, the Earth System Science Partnership declared an urgent need to develop ‘strategies for Earth System management’. Yet what such strategies might be, how they could be developed and howExpand
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A Charter Moment: Restructuring Governance for Sustainability
SUMMARY We are living in a highly dynamic, human‐dominated Earth System in which non‐linear, abrupt and irreversible changes are not only possible but also probable. These changes requireExpand
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Healing Brazil's Blue Amazon: The Role of Knowledge Networks in Nurturing Cross-Scale Transformations at the Frontlines of Ocean Sustainability
This paper dedicates to understanding of what is needed to achieve the transformation of ocean governance. Based on the theory of transformative agency conceptualized in a multi-level governanceExpand
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New directions in earth system governance research
The Earth System Governance project is a global research alliance that explores novel, effective governance mechanisms to cope with the current transitions in the biogeochemical systems of theExpand
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