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Epiphyllous liverworts of China
World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
The first-ever worldwide checklist for liverworts and hornworts is presented that includes 7486 species in 398 genera representing 92 families from the two phyla, providing a valuable tool for taxonomists and systematists, analyzing phytogeographic and diversity patterns, aiding in the assessment of floristic and taxonomic knowledge, and identifying geographical gaps.
Liverworts and Hornworts of Taiwan: An Updated Checklist and Floristic Accounts
An updated checklist of the liverworts and hornworts of Taiwan is presented and Lin is treated as a new synonym of Cololejeunea peraffinis (Schiffn.) Schiffn.
Liverworts and Hornworts of Thailand: An Updated Checklist and Bryofloristic Accounts
The liverwort and hornwort flora of Thailand consists of 386 species belonging to 90 genera in 37 families, and the largest family is Lejeuneaceae (123 spp., 25 genera).
The Oil Bodies of Liverworts: Unique and Important Organelles in Land Plants
Current knowledge on the oil bodies of liverworts on their origin and development, their role in taxonomy, chemosystematics and potential pharmaceutical applications leading to their functional significance are presented, and avenues for future studies on this important but long-overlooked organelle are identified.
Formalizing morphologically cryptic biological entities: new insights from DNA taxonomy, hybridization, and biogeography in the leafy liverwort Porella platyphylla (Jungermanniopsida, Porellales).
The present investigation was carried out to elucidate the molecular diversity of P. platyphylla s.l. and the distribution of its main clades, and to evaluate evidence for the presence of one vs. several species.