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CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing and Precision Plant Breeding in Agriculture.
Enhanced agricultural production through innovative breeding technology is urgently needed to increase access to nutritious foods worldwide. Recent advances in CRISPR/Cas genome editing enableExpand
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Metagenomic analysis of DNA viruses in a wastewater treatment plant in tropical climate.
Viruses have been detected in the different stages of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) at concentrations of 10(8) -10(10)  ml(-1) of virus-like particles (VLPs), 10-1000 times higher than inExpand
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Structure of human MDM2 complexed with RPL11 reveals the molecular basis of p53 activation.
The central region of MDM2 is critical for p53 activation and tumor suppression. Upon ribosomal stress, this region is bound by ribosomal proteins, particularly ribosomal protein L11 (RPL11), leadingExpand
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Combined linkage and association mapping reveals candidates for Scmv1, a major locus involved in resistance to sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) in maize
BackgroundSugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) disease causes substantial losses of grain yield and forage biomass in susceptible maize cultivars. Maize resistance to SCMV is associated with two dominantExpand
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The Minor Wall-Networks between Monolignols and Interlinked-Phenolics Predominantly Affect Biomass Enzymatic Digestibility in Miscanthus
Plant lignin is one of the major wall components that greatly contribute to biomass recalcitrance for biofuel production. In this study, total 79 representative Miscanthus germplasms were determinedExpand
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Diversity of bacterioplankton in contrasting Tibetan lakes revealed by high-density microarray and clone library analysis.
Tibetan lakes represent a unique microbial environment and are a good ecosystem to investigate the microbial diversity of high mountain lakes and their relationship with environmental factors. TheExpand
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Pulse Pressure and Mean Arterial Pressure in Relation to Ischemic Stroke Among Patients With Uncontrolled Hypertension in Rural Areas of China
Background and Purpose— Information has been sparse on the comparison of pulse pressure (PP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) in relation to ischemic stroke among patients with uncontrolledExpand
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Intron-Mediated Alternative Splicing of WOOD-ASSOCIATED NAC TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR1B Regulates Cell Wall Thickening during Fiber Development in Populus Species1[W]
Alternative splicing of a transcription factor generates two isoforms which play antagonistic roles in regulating cell wall thickening during fiber cell differentiation in planta. AlternativeExpand
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Microbial Community in High Arsenic Shallow Groundwater Aquifers in Hetao Basin of Inner Mongolia, China
A survey was carried out on the microbial community of 20 groundwater samples (4 low and 16 high arsenic groundwater) and 19 sediments from three boreholes (two high arsenic and one low arsenicExpand
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Impact of Individual and Environmental Socioeconomic Status on Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes: A Retrospective Multicenter Cohort Study
Objectives We aimed to explore the impacts of individual and environmental socioeconomic status (SES) on the outcome of peritoneal dialysis (PD) in regions with significant SES disparity, through aExpand
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