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Particle–wall collisions in a viscous fluid
This paper presents experimental measurements of the approach and rebound of a particle colliding with a wall in a viscous fluid. The particle's trajectory was controlled by setting the initial
Measurements of the average properties of a suspension of bubbles rising in a vertical channel
Experiments were performed in a vertical channel to study the behaviour of a monodisperse bubble suspension for which the dual limit of large Reynolds number and small Weber number was satisfied.
Computer simulations of the collapse of a granular column
Recently, two independent groups reported experimental results on the process of collapse of a cylindrical granular column. It was found that the shape of the final deposit depended mostly on column
A note on the modelling of the bouncing of spherical drops or solid spheres on a wall in viscous fluid
A generalized description of the rebound of spherical drops or solid spheres over a wall is proposed using two parameters: a coefficient of restitution that compares the velocity of restitution to
The coefficient of restitution for air bubbles colliding against solid walls in viscous liquids
The motion of air bubbles undergoing collisions with solid walls was studied experimentally. Using a high speed camera, the processes of approach, contact, and rebound were recorded for a wide range
On the deformation of gas bubbles in liquids
We consider the deformation of gas bubbles rising in different liquids over a wide range of Morton numbers, from O(10−11) to O(1), and bubble diameters. We have collected data from the literature and
Dense granular flow around an immersed cylinder
The flow around a fixed cylinder immersed in a uniform granular flow is studied experimentally. Experiments are performed in a tall vertical chute producing a quasi two-dimensional granular flow. A
The flow of non-Newtonian fluids around bubbles and its connection to the jump discontinuity
Abstract The flow field around air bubbles rising in aqueous polyacrylamide (PAAm) solutions was studied using a particle image velocimetry (PIV) system. This flow was analyzed in the vicinity of the
PROOF COPY 019806PHF Path instability of rising spheroidal air bubbles: A shape-controlled process
Received 27 March 2008; accepted 16 May 2008The conditions for which the paths of freely rising bubbles become oscillatory are studiedexperimentally using silicone oils with viscosities ranging from
Revisiting the 1954 suspension experiments of R. A. Bagnold
In 1954 R. A. Bagnold published his seminal findings on the rheological properties of a liquid–solid suspension. Although this work has been cited extensively over the last fifty years, there has not