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Contribution of Li-ion batteries to the environmental impact of electric vehicles.
The study shows that the environmental burdens of mobility are dominated by the operation phase regardless of whether a gasoline-fueled ICEV or a European electricity fueled BEV is used.
Stable isotope analysis of macroinvertebrates and their food sources in a glacier stream
Seasonal changes in the δ13C signature of the macroinvertebrates corresponded with seasonal changes in δ 13C of the gold alga H. foetidus, indicating that the energy base remains autochthonous throughout the year.
Flood-pulse and riverscape dynamics in a braided glacial river.
The density of benthic invertebrate communities in the main channel decreased with increasing size of aquatic habitats indicating that local zoobenthic density was affected by dilution-concentration effects.
Bioenergy from “surplus” land: environmental and socio-economic implications
The increasing demand for biomass for the production of bioenergy is generating land-use conflicts. These conflicts might be solved through spatial segregation of food/feed and energy producing areas
The physico-chemical habitat template for periphyton in alpine glacial streams under a changing climate
The physico-chemical habitat template of glacial streams in the Alps is characterized by distinct and predictable changes between harsh and relatively benign periods. Spring and autumn were thought
Organic Matter Dynamics
Organic matter, which includes detritus and plant biomass, is the dominant energy base of lotic ecosystems. The pool of organic matter is fueled by autochthonous primary production in the wetted
Particulate organic matter inputs to a glacial stream ecosystem in the Swiss Alps
A conceptual framework is developed illustrating the influence of terrestrial vegetation and fluvial morphology on organic matter input along the continuum of glacial streams.