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Contribution of Li-ion batteries to the environmental impact of electric vehicles.
Battery-powered electric cars (BEVs) play a key role in future mobility scenarios. However, little is known about the environmental impacts of the production, use and disposal of the lithium ionExpand
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Stable isotope analysis of macroinvertebrates and their food sources in a glacier stream
1. Food sources and trophic structure of the macroinvertebrate community along a longitudinal gradient were examined in a glacier stream of the Swiss Alps (Val Roseg). Analysis of multiple stableExpand
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Flood-pulse and riverscape dynamics in a braided glacial river.
River ecosystems are increasingly viewed as dynamic riverscapes; their extent, composition, and configuration vary in response to the pulsing of discharge. Although compositional and configurationalExpand
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Bioenergy from “surplus” land: environmental and socio-economic implications
The increasing demand for biomass for the production of bioenergy is generating land-use conflicts. These conflicts might be solved through spatial segregation of food/feed and energy producing areasExpand
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The physico-chemical habitat template for periphyton in alpine glacial streams under a changing climate
The physico-chemical habitat template of glacial streams in the Alps is characterized by distinct and predictable changes between harsh and relatively benign periods. Spring and autumn were thoughtExpand
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Global environmental consequences of increased biodiesel consumption in Switzerland: consequential life cycle assessment
Abstract This study assesses the direct and indirect environmental impacts to be expected if Switzerland should replace one percent of its current diesel consumption with imports of A) soybean methylExpand
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Consequential life cycle assessment of the environmental impacts of an increased rapemethylester (RME) production in Switzerland
Abstract Arable land is a constrained production factor – particular in Switzerland. Merely 45% of the consumed crops are produced domestically. Hence, the additional cultivation of rape forExpand
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Curauá fibers in the automobile industry - a sustainability assessment
Abstract Replacing glass fibers with natural fibers in the automobile industry can yield economic, environmental and social benefits. This article evaluates the prospective environmental impacts ofExpand
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Spatial disaggregation of traffic emission inventories in large cities using simplified top–down methods
Abstract Simple, inexpensive and accurate methods for assessing the spatial distribution of traffic emissions are badly needed for the environmental management in South American cities. In thisExpand
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Identifying environmentally and economically optimal bioenergy plant sizes and locations: A spatial model of wood-based SNG value chains
The optimal size and location of bioenergy plants with regards to environmental and economic performance are assessed with a spatially explicit value chain model of the production of syntheticExpand
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