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Microwave-assisted extractions of active ingredients from plants.
This review summarizes the research done during the last decade on the MAE of active ingredients from plants, together with the advantages and the drawbacks of each MAE techniques. Expand
Modeling and Kinetics Study of Conventional and Assisted Batch Solvent Extraction
Batch solvent extraction techniques have been widely explored. On understanding its potential significance, this article aims to review kinetics and modeling of various extraction techniques whichExpand
Palm shell activated carbon impregnated with task-specific ionic-liquids as a novel adsorbent for the removal of mercury from contaminated water
Abstract In this study, palm shell activated carbon modified with task-specific ionic liquids was used as a novel composition for the removal of mercury from aqueous solutions in water samplesExpand
A review of ionic liquids as catalysts for transesterification reactions of biodiesel and glycerol carbonate production
ABSTRACT Biodiesel production has been rapidly increasing due to the strong governmental policies and incentives provided leading to an oversupply of its by-product, glycerol. Therefore, finding waysExpand
A review on the performance of glycerol carbonate production via catalytic transesterification: Effects of influencing parameters
Driven by high energy demand and environmental concerns, biodiesel as a substitute for fossil fuels is recognized to be promising renewable and clean energy. The increase in the biodiesel plantExpand
Microwave-assisted transesterification of industrial grade crude glycerol for the production of glycerol carbonate
Abstract This study is the first of its kind to report on the transesterification of industrial grade crude glycerol (GLY) to glycerol carbonate (GC) using microwave processing. Pure and two gradesExpand
Extraction of Anti-diabetic Active Ingredient, Quercetin from Herbal Plant Using Microwave-assisted Extraction (MAE) Technique
#Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) is a relatively new extraction method which is widely employed in the analysis and the extraction of active compounds from plants and lead to various discoveriesExpand
Sequential ultrasound-microwave assisted acid extraction (UMAE) of pectin from pomelo peels.
The pectin's galacturonic acid content obtained from combined extraction technique is higher than that obtained from sole extraction technique and the pECTin gel produced from various techniques exhibited a pseudoplastic behaviour. Expand
A brief review on anti diabetic plants: Global distribution, active ingredients, extraction techniques and acting mechanisms
The findings reveal that most of the anti diabetic research is focused on the alteration of glucose metabolism to prevent diabetes. Expand
Acid and Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) extraction of pectin from pomelo (Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck) peels
Abstract Pectin was extracted from pomelo peel using citric acid. A Box–Behnken design was employed to optimize the yield and the Degree of Esterification (DE) of pectin. The effects of pH,Expand