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Studies on the control of tung oil tree geometrid Buzura suppressaria (Lep.: Geometridae) by Trichogramma dendrolimi (Hymen.: Trichogrammatidae).
Preliminary studies on the control of the tung-oil tree geometrid B. supp ressaria by Trichogramma dendrolimi have been conducted, 50-100% of egg parasitism in laboratory and 21.7% on average inExpand
Relationship Between Growth of Roundhead Wormwood Sown by Air and Environment in Alashan Desert Area.
It was indicated that plants of insect infestation was 162 in 856 tested plants, and the injury rate was 18.93% among 518 insects specinmens, Pyralidae homoeosoma, Tortricidae pelochrista and Tortric families accounted for 86.10% of all. Expand
Immature Stages Description of March Fly, Penthetria japonica Wiedemann (Diptera: Bibionidae), from Hubei, China
The characteristics of the immature stages of Penthetria japonica Wiedemann are described for the first time, including egg, mature larva, and pupa. Expand