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Nonlinear analysis of phase relationships in quasi-optical oscillator arrays
A dynamic theory of coupled oscillators is developed and applied to the class of loosely coupled quasi-optical oscillator arrays. This theory permits the calculation of stable, steady-state phaseExpand
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Oscillator array dynamics with broadband N-port coupling networks
This paper considers the analysis of an oscillator array with an arbitrary coupling network, described in terms of N-port circuit parameters. A Kurokawa analysis is used to transform the frequencyExpand
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Phase noise in coupled oscillators: theory and experiment
Phase noise in mutually synchronized oscillator systems is analyzed for arbitrary coupling and injection-locking topologies, neglecting amplitude noise, and amplitude modulation (AM) to phaseExpand
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A new phase-shifterless beam-scanning technique using arrays of coupled oscillators
A method for electronic beam scanning in linear arrays of antenna-coupled oscillators is introduced which eliminates the need for phase shifters. It is shown that a constant phase progression can beExpand
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Distributed analog phase shifters with low insertion loss
This paper describes the design and fabrication of distributed analog phase-shifter circuits. The phase shifters consist of coplanar-waveguide (CPW) lines that are periodically loaded with varactorExpand
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Injection- and phase-locking techniques for beam control [antenna arrays]
Applications of millimeter-wave radar, imaging, and communication technology requires cost-effective implementation of intelligent scanning antenna systems. Injection-locking and phase-locked-loopExpand
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Toxic Alexandrium peruvianum (Balech and de Mendiola) Balech and Tangen in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island (USA)
Abstract Phytoplankton monitoring in Wickford Cove, Rhode Island, US (41°34′10.13″N, 71°26′45.76″W), located in Narragansett Bay, detected an unusual species of Alexandrium in the spring of 2009.Expand
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FDTD analysis of wave propagation in nonlinear absorbing and gain media
An explicit finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) scheme for wave propagation in certain kinds of nonlinear media such as saturable absorbers and gain layers in lasers is proposed here. This scheme isExpand
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A 60-watt X-band spatially combined solid-state amplifier
In this paper, we present new results in the development of a broad-band spatial power-combining system implemented in a standard X-band waveguide environment. Using 24 off-the-shelf GaAsExpand
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High tunability barium strontium titanate thin films for rf circuit applications
Large variations in the permittivity of rf magnetron sputtered thin-film barium strontium titanate have been obtained through optimization of growth conditions for maximum dielectric strength andExpand
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