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Changes in photosynthesis and leaf characteristics with tree height in five dipterocarp species in a tropical rain forest.
It is suggested that the photosynthetic capacity of dipterocarp trees depends on tree height, and that the trees adapt to the light environment by adjusting their leaf morphological and biochemical properties.
Short-term drought causes synchronous leaf shedding and flushing in a lowland mixed dipterocarp forest, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tropical rain forests are evergreen and experience a climate suitable for plant growth year round, however, most tropical rain-forest trees display periodic shoot growth and show synchronous leaf flushing at the community level.
The effects of stand-age and inundation on carbon accumulation in mangrove plantation soil in Namdinh, Northern Vietnam
An investigation was conducted on Kandelia candel plantations in Namdinh Province, Northern Vietnam to elucidate the influences of stand-age and inundation on carbon accumulation in mangrove soil.
Estimation of aboveground biomass in mangrove forests using high-resolution satellite data
Mangroves play important roles in providing a range of ecosystem services, mitigation of strong waves, protection of coastlines against erosion, maintenance of water quality, and carbon sink in the
Demographic History of Shorea curtisii (Dipterocarpaceae) Inferred from Chloroplast DNA Sequence Variations
The presence of two distinct evolutionary lineages in the different regions suggests that they should be managed independently to conserve the major sources of genetic diversity in S. curtisii.
Interspecific variation of photosynthesis and leaf characteristics in canopy trees of five species of Dipterocarpaceae in a tropical rain forest.
It is concluded that interspecific variation in photosynthetic capacity in tropical rain forest canopies is influenced more by leaf mesophyll structure than by leaf thickness, LMA or leaf nitrogen concentration.
Susceptibility to photoinhibition in seedlings of six tropical fruit tree species native to Malaysia following transplantation to a degraded land
Energy dissipation via electron transport was suggested to be important in keeping qP high and preventing photoinhibition when compared among species.
Variations in Leaf Photosynthetic and Morphological Traits with Tree Height in Various Tree Species in a Cambodian Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest
Overall, many leaf morphological traits could be summarized in a simple and significant relation with tree height, though increasing tree height leads to both nitrogen and stomatal constraints of leaf photosynthetic capacities, even when considering many different tree species.
Growth and survival of hybrid dipterocarp seedlings in a tropical rain forest fragment in Singapore
Background: Although natural hybridisation between dipterocarp trees is considered rare, putative dipterocarp hybrids (Shorea spp.) are found in a forest fragment in Singapore. Understanding the