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A Framework for Uplink Power Control in Cellular Radio Systems
  • R. Yates
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun.
  • 1 September 1995
In cellular wireless communication systems, transmitted power is regulated to provide each user an acceptable connection by limiting the interference caused by other users. Several models have beenExpand
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Real-time status: How often should one update?
Increasingly ubiquitous communication networks and connectivity via portable devices have engendered a host of applications in which sources, for example people and environmental sensors, sendExpand
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Discrete Memoryless Interference and Broadcast Channels With Confidential Messages: Secrecy Rate Regions
We study information-theoretic security for discrete memoryless interference and broadcast channels with independent confidential messages sent to two receivers. Confidential messages are transmittedExpand
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Constrained power control
High system capacities can be achieved by controlling the transmitter power in multiuser radio systems. Power control with no constraint on the maximum power level has been studied extensively inExpand
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Iterative construction of optimum signature sequence sets in synchronous CDMA systems
Optimum signature sequence sets that maximize the capacity of single-cell synchronous code division multiple access (CDMA) systems have been identified. Optimum signature sequences minimize the totalExpand
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Minimizing the average cost of paging under delay constraints
Efficient paging procedures help minimize the amount of bandwidth expended in locating a mobile unit. Given a probability distribution on user location, it is shown that the optimal paging strategyExpand
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Update or wait: How to keep your data fresh
In this work we study how to manage the freshness of status updates sent from a source to a remote monitor via a network server. A proper metric of data freshness at the monitor is theExpand
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The Age of Information: Real-Time Status Updating by Multiple Sources
We examine multiple independent sources providing status updates to a monitor through simple queues. We formulate an age of information (AoI) timeliness metric and derive a general result for the AoIExpand
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Stochastic power control for cellular radio systems
For wireless communication systems, iterative power control algorithms have been proposed to minimize the transmitter power while maintaining reliable communication between mobiles and base stations.Expand
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Wireless systems and interference avoidance
Motivated by the emergence of programmable radios, we seek to understand a new class of communication system where pairs of transmitters and receivers can adapt their modulation/demodulation methodExpand
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