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Phylogeny and evolutionary history of Leymus (Triticeae; Poaceae) based on a single-copy nuclear gene encoding plastid acetyl-CoA carboxylase
BackgroundSingle- and low- copy genes are less likely subject to concerted evolution, thus making themselves ideal tools for studying the origin and evolution of polyploid taxa. Leymus is a polyploidExpand
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Evolutionary Dynamics of the Pgk1 Gene in the Polyploid Genus Kengyilia (Triticeae: Poaceae) and Its Diploid Relatives
The level and pattern of nucleotide variation in duplicate gene provide important information on the evolutionary history of polyploids and divergent process between homoeologous loci withinExpand
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Phylogenetic Analysis of Leymus (Poaceae: Triticeae) Inferred from Nuclear rDNA ITS Sequences
To investigate the phylogenetic relationships of polyploid Leymus (Poaceae: Triticeae), sequences of the nuclear rDNA internal transcribed spacer region (ITS) were analyzed for 34 Leymus accessionsExpand
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Genetic diversity among Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge and related species using morphological traits and RAPD markers
Genetic diversity within Salvia is the key to the genetic improvement of the medicine plantSalvia miltiorrhiza. In the current study, morphological and molecular characteristics were studied in 18Expand
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[Study on isozymes in six species of Curcuma].
OBJECTIVE To explore genetic relationships of the 39 materials in six species of Curcuma. METHOD The peroxidase isozyme (POD) and esterase isozyme (EST) were studied using vertical slabExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships and Y genome origin in Elymus L. sensu lato (Triticeae; Poaceae) based on single-copy nuclear Acc1 and Pgk1 gene sequences.
  • X. Fan, L. Sha, +9 authors Y. Zhou
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
  • 1 December 2013
To estimate the origin and genomic relationships of the polyploid species within Elymus L. sensu lato, two unlinked single-copy nuclear gene (Acc1 and Pgk1) sequences of eighteen tetraploids (StH andExpand
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Phylogeny and molecular evolution of the DMC1 gene within the StH genome species in Triticeae (Poaceae)
To estimate the phylogeny and molecular evolution of a single-copy nuclear disrupted meiotic cDNA (DMC1) gene within the StH genome species, two DMC1 homoeologous sequences were isolated from nearlyExpand
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Identification of the genus Epimedium with DNA barcodes
The traditional identification for Epimedium is inadequate due to the morphological variation and complicated procedure. DNA barcoding is a new technique for species identification by a standard DNAExpand
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Evolutionary pattern of rDNA following polyploidy in Leymus (Triticeae: Poaceae).
Ribosomal ITS polymorphism and its ancestral genome origin of polyploid Leymus were examined to infer the evolutionary outcome of rDNA gene following allopolyploid speciation and to elucidate theExpand
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[A research on the quality of radix Astragali].
Milkvetch root (Radix Astragali) and its likes were determined in their contents of trace elements, total extracts and astragalin A. The result showed there was some relationship between the drugExpand
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