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Activity of antimicrobial peptide mimetics in the oral cavity: I. Activity against biofilms of Candida albicans.
Naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides hold promise as therapeutic agents against oral pathogens such as Candida albicans but numerous difficulties have slowed their development. Synthetic,Expand
Corporate Debt Maturity and the Real Economy
How do firms manage debt maturity in the presence of investment opportunities? I document empirically at aggregate and firm levels that corporations lengthen their average maturity of debt whenExpand
The Price of Property Rights: Institutions, Finance, and Economic Growth
Using a unique data set of foreign equities traded on the London Stock Exchange in the late 19th century, we study the relation between expropriation risk, finance, and economic development. We findExpand
Credit Risk and the Transmission of Interest Rate Shocks
Using daily credit default swap (CDS) data, we find a positive relation between corporate credit risk and unexpected monetary policy shocks during FOMC announcement days. Positive shocks to interestExpand
Monetary Policy Risks in the Bond Markets and Macroeconomy
What is the role of monetary policy fluctuations for macroeconomic uncertainty and nominal bond risks? To answer this question we develop a structurally motivated asset-pricing framework whichExpand
Social Capital and Innovation: Evidence from Connected Holdings
This paper investigates how social capital affects innovation. I measure a firm’s social capital with connected holdings, which is the fraction of equity of a particular firm held by mutual fundsExpand
Essays On Asset Pricing, Debt Valuation, And Macroeconomics
My dissertation consists of three chapters which examine topics at the intersection of financial markets and macroeconomics. Two of the sections relate to the valuation of U.S. Treasury and corporateExpand
Credit Risk and the Transmission of Interest Rate Shocks
Using daily credit default swap (CDS) data going back to the early 2000s, we find a positive and significant relation between corporate credit risk and unexpected interest rate shocks around FOMCExpand
Carlstrom and Fuerst meets Epstein and Zin: The Asset Pricing Implications of Contracting Frictions
Models with financial frictions have been shown to create amplification and persistence effects in macroeconomic fluctuations. We test the ability that Costly State Verification (CSV) has to generateExpand