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New heuristics for packing unequal circles into a circular container
We propose two new heuristics to pack unequal circles into a two-dimensional circular container. The first one, denoted by A1.0, is a basic heuristic which selects the next circle to place accordingExpand
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A new heuristic algorithm for rectangle packing
The rectangle packing problem often appears in encasement and cutting as well as very large-scale integration design. To solve this problem, many algorithms such as genetic algorithm, simulatedExpand
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An exact algorithm with learning for the graph coloring problem
Given an undirected graph G=(V,E), the Graph Coloring Problem (GCP) consists in assigning a color to each vertex of the graph G in such a way that any two adjacent vertices are assigned differentExpand
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Two personification strategies for solving circles packing problem
Two personification strategies are presented, which yield a highly efficient and practical algorithm for solving one of the NP hard problems—circles packing problem on the basis of the quasi-physicalExpand
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A Two-Level Search Strategy for Packing Unequal Circles into a Circle Container
We propose a two-level search strategy to solve a two dimensional circle packing problem. At the first level, a good enough packing algorithm called A1.0 uses a simple heuristic to select the nextExpand
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Geometry optimization of atomic clusters using a heuristic method with dynamic lattice searching.
In this paper, a global optimization method is presented to determine the global-minimum structures of atomic clusters, where several already existing techniques are combined, such as the dynamicExpand
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Tabu search algorithm combined with global perturbation for packing arbitrary sized circles into a circular container
The arbitrary sized circle packing problem (ACP) is concerned about how to pack a number of arbitrary sized circles into a smallest possible circular container without overlapping. As a classicalExpand
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Global Optimization of Binary Lennard-Jones Clusters Using Three Perturbation Operators
Global optimization of binary Lennard-Jones clusters is a challenging problem in computational chemistry. The difficulty lies in not only that there are enormous local minima on the potential energyExpand
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Geometry optimization of bimetallic clusters using an efficient heuristic method.
In this paper, an efficient heuristic algorithm for geometry optimization of bimetallic clusters is proposed. The algorithm is mainly composed of three ingredients: the monotonic basin-hopping methodExpand
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Structural optimization of silver clusters from Ag141 to Ag310 using a Modified Dynamic Lattice Searching method with Constructed core
Abstract The structures of silver clusters from Ag 141 to Ag 310 are systematically optimized with a modified version of the dynamic lattice searching method with constructed core (DLSc). TheExpand
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