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A Dual process model of impression formation
This volume presents different perspectives on a dual model of impression formation -- a theory about how people form impressions about other people by combining information about a person with priorExpand
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The Role of Category Accessibility in the Interpretation of Information About Persons: Some Determinants and Implications
Many personality trait terms can be thought of as summary labels for broad conceptual categories that are used to encode information about an individual's behavior into memory. The likelihood that aExpand
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Mood as Input: People Have to Interpret the Motivational Implications of Their Moods
It was hypothesized that moods have few, if any, motivational or processing implications, but are input to other processes that determine their motivational implications. In Experiment 1, Ss read aExpand
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A theory of humor elicitation.
This article presents a general theory of humor elicitation that specifies the conditions in which humor is experienced in both social and nonsocial situations. The theory takes into account theExpand
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Effects of Country-of-Origin and Product-Attribute Information on Product Evaluation: An Information Processing Perspective
Four hypotheses were raised concerning the cognitive processes underlying the effects of country-of-origin and specific attribute information on product evaluation. The country of origin not only hadExpand
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Memory and Cognition in Its Social Context
Contents: Preface. Introduction. A General Model of Social Information Processing. The Structure and Function of the Work Space. The Organization of Information in Permanent Memory. RetrievalExpand
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The mental representation of trait and autobiographical knowledge about the self
Contents: S.B. Klein, J. Loftus, The Mental Representation of Trait and Autobiographical Knowledge About the Self. F.S. Bellezza, Does "Perplexing" Describe the Self-Reference Effect? Yes! N.R.Expand
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Person memory and judgment.
Two general types of information about a person are considered in this article: One pertains to specific behaviors a person has manifested, and the other refers to more abstract personalityExpand
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