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Measurement of premorbid adjustment in chronic schizophrenia.
The Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS) is a rating scale which was developed to be applicable in a research setting. It is designed to evaluate the degree of achievement of developmental goals at eachExpand
An index of the functional condition of rat sciatic nerve based on measurements made from walking tracks
Abstract There is no widely accepted quantitative method for evaluating the functional effects of peripheral nerve damage in animals. In the present study, a method for evaluating sciatic nerveExpand
Serologic evidence of prenatal influenza in the etiology of schizophrenia
Context Some, but not all, previous studies suggest that prenatal influenza exposure increases the risk of schizophrenia. These studies used dates of influenza epidemics and maternal recall ofExpand
The National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association consensus statement on the undertreatment of depression.
OBJECTIVE A consensus conference on the reasons for the undertreatment of depression was organized by the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association (NDMDA) on January 17-18, 1996. TheExpand
Preventing recurrent homelessness among mentally ill men: a "critical time" intervention after discharge from a shelter.
OBJECTIVES This study examined a strategy to prevent homelessness among individuals with severe mental illness by providing a bridge between institutional and community care. METHODS Ninety-six menExpand
The flower pot technique of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep deprivation.
Abstract This technique of REM sleep deprivation may make data interpretation difficult because it can lack selectivity, and because controls may suppress some REM sleep. To correct theseExpand
Neuroleptics and the natural course of schizophrenia.
  • R. Wyatt
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Schizophrenia bulletin
  • 1991
To determine if neuroleptic treatment changes the natural course of schizophrenia, 22 studies were reviewed in which relatively similar patients were or were not given neuroleptics at specific timesExpand
Tardive dyskinesia: possible involvement of free radicals and treatment with vitamin E.
A decade ago a hypothesis introduced to explain tardive dyskinesia (TD) implicated free radicals generated secondary to neuroleptic treatment. Since then many preclinical and clinical studies haveExpand
Maternal exposure to respiratory infections and adult schizophrenia spectrum disorders: a prospective birth cohort study.
We sought to examine the relationship between maternal exposure to adult respiratory infections and schizophrenia spectrum disorder (SSD) in the Prenatal Determinants of Schizophrenia (PDS) Study, aExpand
Maternal prepregnant body mass and risk of schizophrenia in adult offspring.
This study examined the relation between maternal prepregnant body mass index (BMI) and development of schizophrenia and schizophrenia spectrum disorders in adult offspring from the PrenatalExpand