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The Development of a Russian Legal Consciousness
Until the nineteenth century, the Russian legal system was subject to an administrative hierarchy headed by the tsar, and the courts were expected to enforce, not interpret the law. Richard S.Expand
Scenarios of Power
Russian Monarchy and the Rule of Law: New Considerations of the Court Reform of 1864
The relationship of a legal system—the courts, the legal administration, the discipline of Russian law—to the Russian state has been an ongoing and unresolved problem in modern Russian history andExpand
Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy. Volume 2: From Alexander II to the Abdication of Nicholas II
The Russian imperial court, with its extravagant ceremonies and celebrations, was perhaps the most impressive theater in the world. The show, however, was no mere diversion, as Richard WortmanExpand
The Crisis of Russian Populism
["Louis XIII: The Making of a King"]
Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration: Collected Articles on the Representation of Russian Monarchy
This collection of articles addresses the legal and symbolic features of monarchical rule in Russia, as presented in Scenarios of Power, to show how representation and a culture of representationExpand
A Public Empire: Property and the Quest for the Common Good in Imperial Russia
extensive scholarship on Soviet subjectivity that could shed more light on how these autobiographies were constructed. On a few occasions, she points to differences between the idealized sentimentsExpand